Male Strippers

Of las vegas

Games and Lap dances

Get your dollar bills out


During the second stage, he will do fun games and lap dances for all the guest. Games may include: whipped cream, body shots, hide the bills and many more games.

The Erotic Show

PG or X-Rated


The last stage is his erotic show with candles, lotions, ice, etc. It's up to your group to decide if you want him to be mild or wild...

Company Profile


Opening act


Your Las Vegas male stripper will arrive at the door and surprise the guest of honor in the costume you request. He will do a seductive strip show while she is on the hot seat.




Founded: 2008

Insured: Scottsdale Insurance Co.

License: Clark County Outcall Service


Coverage:  Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Green Valley, Boulder City, and all of Clark County.

Party Stages

What to expect when your dancer arrives

Your dancer will call or text prior to arriving. Depending on your location, some hotel casinos may require a room key to get by security. So please keep your phone near.


Most male dancers will change by their car or in the hallway of your hotel. This is also the best time to take care of payment and let him know of any special request. Male strippers always come with their own stereo for music.